We are moms. Let us help each other when times are a little tough.

As a community of moms, we donate food vouchers for the moms that need it or donate products to those that can’t afford it.

We raised over R50,000 and paid out to over 100 moms thus far. Here’s one.
Back-a-mom by MomSays

Our Story.

Last year, we asked you what would you do with R500? And we received some heartbreaking stories. With your help, we helped over 100 moms in South Africa, and ever since then, we have been looking at ways that we can help even further. This year, we are asking you what would you do with R150. Why R150? Because with R150, you can help us with a monthly contribution. If we can help moms on a monthly basis, they receive the essentials to make life just a little easier. If you cannot do a monthly contribution, you can also do a once-off contribution with your own amount.

The looting and unrest has left many moms jobless and in dire need of basic essentials such as diapers.
You can donate via the link above or email us at [email protected] to donate a product (Jhb only).
We are currently asking for diapers and other essentials, these items will be sent to areas affected.
We also encourage you to support The Grace Factory and HopeSA who are helping moms in need in KZN and JHB.
Let’s rebuild South Africa together. 
the grace factory

We make it simple and easy for moms to help one another to get the important things. All you have to do is either send vouchers to the moms and they will buy what they need. 

Or if you are in need you can ask for a product and the moms will respond with a possible match.

The story that changed everything was when I saw this tweet and realized how bad things have become and after COVID-19 hit, it only got worse.

We decided to do something about it. We launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised over R50,000 in 2 months. We paid out to over 100 moms that applied for assistance. We knew then and there, our purpose was clear. We started the campaign called “Back-a-Mom”.

Choose your payment option.

You can pay a subscription for R150.00 (approximately USD $10) per month. We will then send vouchers to moms in need every month. You can cancel anytime.

Can’t do a subscription? That’s ok! You can also pay once-off, please use the one below.

Note: All payments are processed by Paystack (Owned by Stripe). MomSays is managed by Vimage Media (Reg: 2016/507065/07), a private company in South Africa.

I am looking for product donations.

We know new products can be expensive and out of reach but you can ask our moms for a product you really want and the moms who already have it might let you have it for free if you can just take it off their hands!

    Note: If you prefer to pick up the products yourself, you can do that but it will be at your own risk and MomSays cannot take responsibility for any harm or damage caused.


    Why not use a charity?

    Yes you can! We encourage all and any means to help people in need. Traditional charities have an important role in society that helps people receive running water or to alleviate poverty. Our goal is much simpler.  We just want to get a little bit of essential products that moms really need, e.g. food for the children or an old cot that is not being used. You can now help these moms a lot faster and help them directly.

    We are doing things a little differently.

    90% of what you pay goes to the moms.

    You can do monthly subscriptions or just pay once-off. The payment platforms we use take between 5 and 6% (including VAT + payout fees) off every transaction we receive. To cover admin costs and keep this website running, we need 4% off every contribution we receive. Thus, MomSays will only deduct 10% off every transaction (this INCLUDES all external payment fees) received which means if you pay R150 every month, that means (R150.00– R1 5.00) R135.00 goes towards helping a mom in need.

    Bankless payments.

    We thought about this long and hard. We send vouchers to the moms (mobile numbers) because that is the easiest, safest, and quickest way to assist moms in need. We use vouchers because banking fees are too expensive and most moms who need the help don't even have banking accounts. All moms who receive vouchers are vetted (using ID, photo, and voice note application). Every month end we will distribute vouchers on available funds.

    Meet our founder.

    Hi, I am Shan. I am the Co-Founder and CEO at MomSays and content creator at You, Baby and I.

    shaney vije

    I had that feeling in my gut again that told me, “Shan, step up! You helped 100 women last year, this year you can do that monthly if you want!” So here I am doing something absolutely crazy and putting myself out there once again and asking you to help me.

    I know that I cannot help every single person who has been affected in some way or the other by Covid-19 right now – but I know that together we can help at least a few moms. There are many people doing good in the world right now but there is always space for more people to step up and do more.

    My goal is to make women smile across the country and perhaps help someone keep their lights on or feed a few hungry tummies before they go to bed at night. I cannot do this alone.

    Do these small amounts help? Just ask our moms.

    Thank you so much Mommy and to all the other mommies who are helping a thank you can never be enough .. I promise to pay kindness forward.
    Mom S
    Mom 3-month-old baby who lost her job because of Covid-19.
    I would really love to thank everybody who contributed to this initiative. It means a lot to me that people are looking out for me, to know that even if my mother is not here, she keeps disappearing on us that, there are people who actually care. Thank you so much MomSays and everyone else who contributed. This really means a lot to me.
    Mom B
    Teenage mom with toddler.

    If you wish to hear the whole podcast episode with the moms please listen here: 

    Contact Us.

    If you have any queries, contact us below.

    If you're part of an organization or business that wants to contribute or work with Back-a-Mom, please get in touch with us.